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Purple Skies






Juniper Strategies was founded to ensure that executives, investors, fund managers, and their companies achieve their goals by introducing easy-to-use advanced quantitative and comprehensive tools to assess investment success. Teams supported with our advanced tools can outperform their peers who rely on traditional approaches. 

Juniper’s principles, each with decades of professional operational experience in multiple fields and disciplines, were unsatisfied with the inconsistent performance of organizations they encountered. Even those that used best practice methods, had exceptional leadership teams, and were supported by top advising firms kept missing goals.  We studied the long-term effectiveness of strategies and saw how few companies who are exemplified as “best in class” maintained that performance over time.


These studies highlighted the top two familiar challenges facing any leadership team: complexity and risk.  We then synthesized our original research with learnings on both success and failure from a uniquely diverse set of practitioners: well-known academics, tier 1 consulting firms, the originators of Toyota production system and Lean (Shingijutsu), start-ups, incubators, conglomerates, and IARPA.  

The result was a set of proprietary, AI-driven models to predict business outcomes for different strategy scenarios and the organizational shifts needed to achieve them. As the heart of the Juniper toolset, these models intake and analyze data on your business, competition, and market on a scale beyond what any human team could ever do to give you the most complete and accurate prediction of outcomes. As a result, Juniper Strategies offers the only comprehensive, data-driven approach for making decisions and predicting financial success.

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