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Growth Strategies

We help clients assess which growth strategies will outpace their competition. 

Market & Opportunity Identification

We can work with you and your team to identify and segment potential target markets and evaluate their attractiveness.

From there, we can guide you in a full analysis of customer needs by subsegment and identifying potential opportunities for disruption and innovation.

Scenario & Investment Planning

With potential opportunities identified, we help build scenarios to compare strategy paths. We start with the revenue potential to compare potential upsides.

In parallel, we work with you to identify the cross-functional investments that would be needed to grow market share in each segment.

Down- Selection & Prioritization

With full scenarios built out of upside potential and required investments, you can be confident in assessing and comparing strategic paths and deciding which one to put into action.

Juniper can also help you operationalize your strategy through an operational engagement.

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