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We help clients optimize the performance of their portfolio companies, in any state of performance. 

Performance Assessment

When brought in to help rapidly benchmark existing operational performance or identify improvement opportunities, Juniper will interview you and your team to identify the goals, gaps, and problems statements that need immediate attention.

Juniper analysts will request key operational data, run proprietary strategic screens, and - if necessary - culture screens to determine causes for gaps and pathways for improvement opportunities. We can tell if your issue is a strategy or execution problem.

Operations Enhancement

With confidence in the needed change and direction, your team can rapidly implement enhancement initiatives as well as selected longer-term sustaining practices.

Juniper will empower your leaders with intuitive and superior operational review practices and dashboards to align all enhancement activities. In addition, we will perform continuous monitoring of the external environment for potential disruptions to existing plans and strategies.

Strategy Refinement

When you choose to update or evolve your strategy, either due to early goal achievement, or to react to a significant change in the current environment, Juniper can support and manage a comprehensive strategy cycle.

Our strategic and culture screens complement any existing frameworks and approaches you have used. We help define the new approaches to drive growth and to highlight where operations evolution will be needed.

Juniper can also evaluate the potential for accelerating your strategy through acquisitions or partnership investments.

Operational Planning

As you cascade your refined strategy across the organization and you implement new operational plans, Juniper will create the operational review dashboards, metrics, and response disciplines to ensure rapid identification of performance gaps. Continuous updates on the external environment ensure the holistic plan is supported by the agile methods needed to react to today’s rapidly changing and complex world.

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