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What We Do

We aid corporate executive, corporate development, private equity, and family office leadership teams to better answer two questions: 
"Can our new investments succeed?” and “Are our existing investments succeeding?

Whether exploring growth strategies, optimizing operations, or assessing acquisition targets, we ensure clients achieve their financial goals by using proprietary technology to simplify a world of ever-increasing complexity.

Growth Strategies

In a world of increasing uncertainty, Juniper accompanies clients in selecting the growth strategies that will outpace their competition. 

Juniper’s technology and tools help leadership teams compare potential paths holistically and quantitatively and decide which one to operationalize.

Geometric Ceiling


Juniper ensures clients realize expected financial results by optimizing operations in the face of the unexpected.

Juniper’s technology and tools help leaders rapidly identify root cause of complex performance gaps and quickly make data-informed decisions to drive improvement initiatives and ensure accountability across the organization.

Minimalist Staircase


Juniper helps diligence teams thoroughly assess and quantify a company’s potential value.  

We use proprietary data analytic techniques to give a superior estimate of intrinsic and synergy potential by measuring and comparing a target to its peers and to existing client platform companies.

Juniper’s tools measure a company’s strategy, culture, and the degree of strategy and culture alignment which is proven to be highly predictive of post investment results.

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