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We help clients drive success at all stages of the acquisitions workflow.

Target Identification

During Target Acquisition, you and your team share your investment intent, thesis and key evaluation criteria including financial goals, business models, strategy, as well as key matching data of your existing platform or acquiring operating company.

Juniper analysts run proprietary strategic screens against candidates, then review and assist in prioritizing the list based on the likelihood of the target meeting your goals.

Due Diligence

Prior to initiating diligence, your team and Juniper will synthesize the list of critical strategic and synergy hypotheses that require validation.

Juniper will create a financial model of the baseline and combined businesses, updating both the strategy screens and the financial model as the diligence team gains deeper insight into the target and develops a perspective on valuation and a suitable price.


Once you have conviction to invest, Juniper can assist or drive the negotiations with a detailed understanding of the structure and terms you need to be successful.


With a definitive agreement signed, your focus shifts to Day 1 readiness and integration planning.

Juniper will define the key integration metrics, owners, and initiatives to achieve strategic, customer experience, and financial goals. Juniper will create and continuously update your operational dashboards to track progress and impact of changes in the competitive environment.

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